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Franco Escamilla, famous mexican comedian, He showed his humility and showed that change is possible. That was what he did? Turns out that Franco Escamilla offered a kind of apology to the entire Conalep student community, aftern repeatedly tease them with various jokes. This despite the fact that the institution has positioned itself among the best, it has even excelled internationally.

It was through the official channel of the Conalep where Franco Escamilla –Comedian who has participated in television shows and Netflix– appeared to express his affection for the people who make up the academic institution.

And it is that repeatedly, Franco Escamilla made jokes about the National College of Technical Professional Education (Conalep). Some of them tthey had tinges of classism, by supposedly minimizing what was done in this school.

However, as grown up, Franco Escamilla decided to offer a kind of apology to Conalep students for contributing to the stereotype that for years has cataloged them in not so positive ways. At the beginning of the video, the comedian recalled that whenever he met someone from Conalep, he would make a joke.

“I have met many people who graduated from a Conalep and they always come to joke with me. They always threaten me by playing games and say ‘Hey! I left a Conalep ‘and I always make the same joke and tell them’ Ah, I’m so sorry ‘”, remembered.

He stressed that in all this time there have only been two people who have been angered by his jokes about Conalep:

“This speaks to something that I love. Of people who know how to enjoy a joke, enjoy a joke and know that there are more important things out there than getting angry or offended by something ”, commented.

However, despite everything, the comedian reported that he was happy with the invitation to approach the young people of Conalep.

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He thanked those who did not get stuck with the jokes he made against the institution.

He also stressed that he learned about all the effort that the people of Conalep (nursing) have made to care for patients with covid-19 throughout this pandemic.

In this sense, Franco Escamilla indicated that they are better people than him.

“Tell them that when he told me well how the wave is, especially with the race of the nursing area, that his service will be to go to hospitals, health areas, places to help care for people with covid-19. In these times it seems to me that I would not have the courage, nor the ethics, nor that morality to say ‘Yes, I am going to risk myself for other people’, that makes them much better people than me ”, detailed.

Finally, Franco Escamilla assured that he chose Conalep to make his jokes because it is an institution that is recognized at the national level.

“The only reason I chose Conalep to make this kind of joke is because I needed a school that was known nationally. I needed a school that everyone in Mexico could understand the joke ”, sentenced.

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