Franco Di Mare: that’s why I took out Sottile and the Guide from Rai 3. On Costamagna in Agorà: «He is strong, he will do very well»

Franco Di Mare

It was among the choices that made the most noise at the presentation of the Rai 2020/2021 schedules and now Franco Di Mare gives his explanations. There expulsion of Salvo Sottile from Mi Manda Raitre after four seasons it happened because, according to the network director, the presence of the former host of Fourth degree was not in line with the real mission of the program:

“Mi Manda Raitre was born with the need to find a figure who represented citizens harassed by power. And she has always been an internal figure, that’s what in England they call the ombudsman, the ombudsman. It is a broadcast with the public service mission: Rai sends someone to ask for a violated right. An internal journalist must do it: in the past Antonio Lubrano, Piero Marrazzo, Andrea Vianello. I replaced Sottile, who is not the owner of Mi Manda Raitre, with two very good interiors Federico Russo and Lidia Galiazzo

declares Di Mare to Republic. Between the two everything was except ‘love’ at first sight; as soon as he took over at the helm of Rai 3 last May, the director immediately canceled from the schedule Gyms of Life, transmission that Sottile conducted every day in access. Then the departure from Send me Raitre and an attempt – he says – of relocate it elsewhere failed, thanks to a letter from the lawyer:

“With Sottile’s agent I was considering an alternative solution for him. I received a letter from the lawyer in which he distrusted me from choosing. But a director chooses.

Another unhappy face with the arrival of Di Mare is that of Glory Guide, outside of The Girls. She said to herself “Sorry and bitter”, while the director makes one cost issue (but how much will it cost to have the Guide?):

“We had to choose between linear cuts – with an ax – and targeted ones. Do you want me to fit into a lower budget? Then I am forced to prune here and there. I’m not a head cutter, I have to make ends meet. But I saved the program.

The bet he considers winning, however, is Luisella Costamagna, chosen to take the baton of Serena Bortone ad Agora. Di Mare is enthusiastic about it:

“The interiors must be enhanced but one must draw from the external market if they serve champions. Costamagna is professionally strong and it is a bet: she has been so much at the stake and I know she will do very well.

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