Francis Lalanne: “The vaccine would not have protected the Bogdanoffs more”


At the end of the funeral, the singer gave an anti-ax speech, while the twins died of Covid-19.

Francis Lalanne was questioned by “Le Parisien” on leaving the funeral of the Bogdanoff brothers.

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On Monday January 10, at the Madeleine Church in Paris, a mass was organized in homage to Grichka and Igor Bogdanoff, who died six days apart, at the age of 72. The first died Tuesday December 28, 2021, the second Monday January 3, 2022. Contaminated with Covid-19, they were hospitalized at the Pompidou hospital in Paris. The twins were not vaccinated.

The family and relatives but also the fans of the twins were able to meditate before they were taken for their burial in the Gers, Wednesday January 12. In the crowd, Francis Lalanne was also present. “They were two soul brothers. Beings of light. As soon as we approached them, we could see more clearly, ”he told reporters from“ Parisien ”. Adding with emotion: “Even if we are lucky to have lived moments by their side, we say to ourselves that we have not had enough. These are not people who can be easily left. When they leave, it’s a part of us that goes with them. ”

“To say that it is a vaccine is false advertising”

The singer, who did not wear a mask, “neither before, during or after mass”, was also questioned about the reasons for the death of the brothers and their refusal to be vaccinated. “I made the same choice. Another point of view that we shared together. It is not a vaccine but an experimental treatment which does not provide immunity. To say that it is a vaccine is false advertising, ”he said. The artist, openly anti-tax and anti-health pass, added: “The vaccine would not have protected them more, certainly not.” He concluded: “The majority of people who are victims of Covid are people who have been dosed several times.”

Frédéric Beigbeder wonders if they have not “sacrificed”

Frédéric Beigbeder had given him a completely different theory on Friday, January 7 on the set of “Quotidien”. “They were amazing boys, scientists who aspired to be scholars. And I wonder if they didn’t sacrifice themselves, if they didn’t give their lives to tell people: Get vaccinated, ”said the novelist then, causing a blank on the set. This did not stop him and concluded: “They were not vaccinated. And they have proven that it is necessary to be vaccinated. “


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