France recognizes Covishield vaccine, relief for Indians and many Africans

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France has just recognized the Covishield vaccine in its “health pass”, a relief, because this serum, which is a copy of the AstraZeneca vaccine produced in India, is used in many countries. Travel in France is therefore easier for Indians and many Africans vaccinated, especially as the quarantine rules are lightened for vaccinated people.

Two weeks after many of its European neighbors, France finally recognizes that Covishield is the equivalent of the AstraZeneca vaccine used in Europe, reports our correspondent in New Delhi, Sebastien Farcis. And that people who have received this serum will be able to benefit from the same rights of access to public places as those who have been vaccinated in France, with Moderna or Pfizer, among others.

This mainly concerns Indian residents, as well as those of the DRC or Nigeria, countries where Covishield is widely used. These vaccinated travelers will also no longer need to take a test on departure or arrival in France, or to go into quarantine.

This recognition of Covishield, India’s flagship vaccine, represents a symbolic success for New Delhi, which has lobbied all European countries to obtain it. Covishield is now approved by more than half of EU capitals, even before the European Medicines Agency can comment.

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Until then, Paris seemed hesitant. The vaccine is in fact not recognized at European level. Yet the WHO, the World Health Organization, gave it the green light. The Chinese Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines are also validated by the WHO, but they still do not open the doors to French territory. The Russian Sputnik V either, but the latter is not recognized by either the WHO or the European Union.

This news comes at the right time to relaunch vaccination …

Dr Richard Mihigo, Africa Vaccination Coordinator for the World Health Organization


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