France: more than 110,000 people in the streets against the “health dictatorship”

They were more than 18,000 in the capital alone to rise up against the new measures announced in the week by Macron.

EThey criticize the vaccination, the “dictatorship” or the health pass: more than 110,000 people demonstrated most often in calm on Saturday across France, from Marseille to Lille and from Montpellier to Paris, the AFP offices noted. .

In total, the Ministry of the Interior identified 136 rallies which involved 114,000 people: 18,000 in Paris divided into several processions and 96,000 in the rest of the country. “Freedom”, “Macron dictator” … From north to south, the slogans are similar.

“It’s not that we think the Earth is flat, but we don’t know the long-term effects of these hastily cobbled together vaccines that Macron wants to impose on us,” summarizes Rita, a caregiver from 39 years old, crossed in the procession in Montpellier where, according to the prefecture, 5,500 people demonstrated.

On the Old Port of Marseille, they were around 4,500, according to the police headquarters, pointing to “sheep” who are vaccinated and “bad information” given to them on television. According to the prefecture, projectiles were thrown against the police. The demonstrators tried to block the lanes of the A7 motorway. A person was arrested.

In Nice, around 1,600 demonstrators, yellow vests, opponents of the health pass, the compulsory vaccine or vaccination in general, walked through the city center. In the western half, the mobilization seemed a little less. In Bordeaux, the prefecture, which had taken a ban on demonstrating in the city center, counted 1,200 people; the demonstrators blocking the circulation of trams and cars in certain places. In Toulouse, the prefecture counted 2,500 demonstrators, as in Metz, including a few yellow vests and white coats on the shoulders.

They were also 2,000 in Rennes, according to local media and 2,500 in Nantes, where some tear gas canisters were fired at the end of the demonstration in front of the prefecture, according to an AFP photographer.

In Lille, between 1,500 and 2,000 people – 900 depending on the northern prefecture – marched among which “yellow vests” but also the president of the Republican Popular Union (UPR) François Asselineau.

In Strasbourg, the demonstration gathered 2,800 people (prefecture), where a few people wore a yellow star. In Nancy, they were 1,200, 900 in Lyon, according to the prefecture, specifying that 9 people were arrested after clashes with the police.


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