France – Mickaël Vendetta: “The compulsory vaccine is like rape”


The former reality TV candidate stood out with this shocking sentence following Emmanuel Macron’s new announcements.

Mickaël Vendetta will not give in to the vaccine against Covid-19.


Since July 12, 2021, everyone has their little commentary following Emmanuel Macron’s new televised address concerning the extension of the health pass. This time, it’s Mickaël Vendetta’s turn to give his opinion. And we can say that its publication did not go unnoticed.

Last Monday, the 33-year-old former reality TV contestant didn’t like what he heard on TV. The President of the Republic explained that the vaccine was now compulsory for nursing staff and that the recalcitrant would be sanctioned. It was also explained that the health pass would be extended. From next August for example, it will be necessary to present it to go to the restaurant, the cinema or the theater. Many French people have made an appointment.

Mickaël Vendetta, he does not intend to be vaccinated despite the new measures. And he made it known with a shocking message. “The compulsory vaccine is like rape. Penetration without consent ”, we can read. The post is captioned: “No, I will not be raped by Big Pharma.” A comparison to rape that caused a lot of reaction in comments.

Some sided with him, others did not hide their indignation. Last November, he was also noticed on the social network after relaying a conspiracy theory about 5G.

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