In the Louvre, which Picasso traveled tirelessly, he found inspirational material. Photo: AFP

The museum of Louvre-Lens, in France, will explore the dialogue between the prestigious Parisian museum of Louvre and the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso in a cross reading between two giants of art history.

Between October 13 and January 31, 2022, the exhibition “Les Louvre from Pablo Picasso”Will exhibit 450 paintings, drawings, sculptures, engravings, photographs and other archival documents, including some pieces never before exhibited.

Picasso (had an extraordinary power of vision, understanding and integration of art

Marie Lavandier, director of the museum

In the corridors of the Louvre parisian, what Picasso He traveled tirelessly since 1900, found a prodigious material of inspiration: Greek, Roman or oriental antiquities, sculptures, graphic arts and more, Lavandier assured in an interview.

The idea was to look for the Louvre on Picasso and Picasso at Louvre (…) A mirror logic woven into the common thread of the exhibition

Dimitri Salmon, curator of the exhibition

What can visitors to this exhibition expect?

Visitors to “Les Louvre from Pablo Picasso”Will be able to immerse themselves in a reconstruction of some departments of the Parisian museum, which will bring together the creations of the Spanish genius with those in which he was inspired.

There are well-known things, such as his work in Edouard Manet’s Lunch on the Grass, others much less such as his relationship with Egyptian art, the portraits of Fayum, his inspiration in art objects, jewelry, ceramics

Marie Lavandier, director of the museum

  • Among the most striking pieces is “The Turkish Bath,” an iconic masterpiece by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres.

Beyond the forms, colors and movements that the Cubist painter drew on, the exhibition gives prominence to another story: the artist’s relationship with the institution, which for a long time oscillated between admiration and skepticism.

Although the personal relationships of Picasso With conservatives, such as Georges Salles, director of the museums of France from 1945 to 1957, they were sometimes excellent, the letters and articles remind us that the artist also divided on occasions, as in the “Picasso affair”, when the council art of the national museums came into conflict for his painting “Still Life”, 1937.

Louvre-Lens, another vision of the Louvre-Paris

The Louvre has at times been very critical of Picasso, with a kind of misunderstanding among specialists in ancient painting, of the modernity of his work (…) One has the impression that the outrages he inflicted on the human figure were difficult for artists to accept. conservatives. Some changed their minds, but others remained suspicious or distant; however, the Louvre He ended up playing with the magic of his name, with a score of temporary exhibitions

Dimitri Salmon, curator of the exhibition

This passionate relationship, which culminated in a major exhibition in 1971, also allowed him to understand his relationship with the celebrity and discover the Louvre of the 20th century, which was opening up to modernity, Lavandier explains.

  • For him Louvre-Lens this exhibition shows another vision of the Louvre-Paris.

Although complex and of a high scientific level, the exhibition also has the ambition to be accessible to all audiences; this thanks to specific means of mediation, says Lavandier.


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