France: Jean-Vincent Placé accused of “sexual harassment” by a former collaborator, an open investigation

Jean-Vincent Placé declared “to take note” of the complaint and did not wish to comment at this stage.

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Audrey *, a former collaborator of Jean-Vincent Placé, filed a complaint against the former environmental secretary of state last week, accusing him of “sexual harassment” between 2012 and 2016 and an investigation was opened, have learned AFP and Mediapart Thursday from a source close to the case and from the Paris prosecutor’s office.

Solicited, the Paris prosecutor confirmed having received the complaint and opened an investigation for “sexual harassment” on November 23, entrusting the investigations to the Brigade for the repression of delinquency against the person (BRDP).

Jean-Vincent Placé “takes note”

Contacted, Jean-Vincent Placé said “take note” of the complaint. “I do not wish at this stage of the proceedings to make any comments whatsoever. I will answer, of course, all the questions which would come to be asked to me by the investigators, added the ex-boss of the senators environmentalists, questioned on all the elements.

Snippets of the facts denounced today by Audrey had been mentioned for the first time in 2018 by Liberation: during a trip to Rome, Jean-Vincent Placé would have “ordered him to dance a slow” with the centrist senator François Zocchetto.

A year later, Audrey had testified anonymously on France 3, indicating that the former UDI mayor of Laval had “grabbed”, “pressed against him” and had put a “hand down behind his back”.

Mr. Zochetto had given up standing for the municipal elections, presenting his “apologies” for his “lack of restraint” because he had “not dared to resist the injunction” of Mr. Placé whom he accompanied, while “denying any reprehensible behavior ”.

Several touching

With her complaint, Audrey, aged 35, now evokes several years of “sexual harassment”.

In August 2015 in Lille, on the sidelines of the summer gathering of the party that Jean-Vincent Placé was then preparing to leave, Audrey accused him of having “touched his buttocks”. The second attack would have occurred in mid-May 2016 in Seoul, during an official trip by Jean-Vincent Placé: in a car, François Hollande’s ex-secretary of state would have “deliberately touched Audrey’s chest” . Contacted, the complainant declined to comment. According to his lawyer, Me Tewfik Bouzenoune, Jean-Vincent Placé “operated a reification of a brilliant young woman who gradually died under his authority”.

* The complainant’s first name has been changed.




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