France bans English game jargon: no more e-sports and streamer | NOW

English gaming terms will soon be a thing of the past in France. The government must replace those words on its websites, among other things, with French alternatives. Then e-sports becomes competitive video game a streamer live player-host† That reports The Guardian Tuesday.

The French Ministry of Culture, which is involved in the new regulations, says the game sector is being overrun by Anglicisms. For people who don’t play games, those terms would be difficult to understand and would “be a barrier”.

Language watchdog Académie Française warned at the beginning of this year against a deterioration of the language. Reference was made, among other things, to the term ‘Ouigo’ (pronounced we go) of the French railway company SNCF and words like drive-in and big data.

Experts scoured video game websites and magazines to see if French terms for English jargon already existed, the French ministry said. Among the words being changed include cloud gaming (cloud video game) and pro gamer (professional player).



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