Fourth Degree, advances for tonight 29 April 2022 – Timetable and streaming

Today Friday April 29, 2022 are Network 4 come back Fourth Degree. From 21:20 of this eveningin fact, the program with Gianluigi Nuzzi and Alessandra Viero is back on the air with a new episode. Between columnists fixed in the cast and latest news for the various news cases in the lineupwhat are the advances for the direct of this evening? And who is there among the guests in the studio and in connection?

Fourth Degree, advances for tonight April 29, 2022

According to the advances officers from Mediasetfor the further episode of Fourth Degree from tonight April 29, 2022 we also focus on case of Alberto Genovese. The reference, in fact, goes to the Milanese entrepreneur who, as also recalled in the note issued for this new one live weekly, was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault on an 18-year-old girl. Why? The facts, according to the accusation against the man, currently under house arrest, would have taken place at home and during a party.

The topics of tonight’s episode on Rete 4

Tonight in the studio, during the unprecedented episode on Network 4, i conductorsthe fixed columnists in the cast and the various guests expected in the lineup, thus analyze some new details that would be emerging from the investigations. In fact, from the program, they also let it be known of the presumed presence of “champagne, drugs and handcuffs”. And the general reflection, on the alleged way of operating of Genovese, promises to be the order of the evening.

The TV schedule and where to see it in live streaming

How to watch the episode of Fourth Degree 2022? Tonight too, April 29the program airs in prime time on Network 4 and is also available in diretta streaming e in streaming on demand su Mediaset Infinity. L’schedule The end of the broadcast is set at around one in the morning.

The memory of Liliana Resinovich on the social networks of the Fourth Grade

Meanwhile, even on the pages Facebook, Instagram e Twitterthe editorial board of the branded program VideoNews continues to be interested in various news cases. For example, on April 26, 2022 Liliana Resinovich he would have turned 64, and the broadcast with Nuzzi and Viero remembers her on social media. The memory comes in fact even almost four months after the discovery of the woman’s body.



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