In Hong Kong, four students, three men and a woman between the ages of 16 and 21, were arrested on charges of inciting social media to separate Hong Kong from China. The news of the arrest was confirmed by the police and was interpreted by civil rights associations in China as a signal that the “national security” law, passed last June, will be used to directly target activists who ask. independence and democracy in Hong Kong.

Sophie Richardson, director of Human Rights Watch (international non-governmental organization that deals with the defense of human rights) for China,
He said that with these arrests it is clarified that the law will not serve to “protect national security”, but to “silence dissent”. Police explained that people were arrested for “publishing content on secession and inciting or helping others for secession.” During the arrest, police officers seized cell phones, computers and documents.

Li Kwai-wah, superintendent of the new Hong Kong police national security department, said the arrests were made after police discovered that a group linked to an organization promoting the Hong Kong independence. According to Li Kwai-wah, the published content referred to the “country of Hong Kong” and wrote that “all means” should be used to achieve independence.