Four keys and two tricks to master the new reactions on WhatsApp

Five days ago, WhatsApp officially announced that the reactions They came to instant messenger. Many users had to wait for the weekend to have them available; even some are still waiting, because their empowerment is being done gradually. But those who have access to this new function are already finding the tricks and discovering its secrets.

This is another way of interacting with a message; and they work just like on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. A reaction is a way of reply to a message without generating a new one; like putting a “Like” (instead of replying to an original publication with a text that says like!), but now with the possibility of replying (ie reacting) with several alternatives.

In the case of WhatsApp, there are six reactions available:

How reactions work on WhatsApp

To reply to a message with a reaction, do the following.

How reactions look on WhatsApp Web or Desktop



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