Four cruel stories of the murders at the former policeman’s house in Chalchuapa

Terror was what the victims of the Estévez alley house in Chalchuapa experienced. All were murdered with the luxury of barbarism and viciousness, they were tricked to be assassinated, hitmen who made their blood flow.

The murders in the Estévez alley, in Chalchuapa, each time reveal chilling details, stories that no one would think that a human being is capable of committing.

This article compiles several stories of the victims of the house of the murderer of Chalchuapa, detained, prosecuted and to whom the Attorney General’s Office has given him criminal benefits as criteria, supposedly to dismantle a network of people involved in the homicides, which What remains in evidence is the cruelty with which they murdered more than 47 Salvadorans, an estimate that tax sources revealed at the beginning of the investigations, although until now the authorities have not revealed the exact number and identities of the people killed in Chalchuapa.

The authorities and the Prosecutor’s Office have limited themselves to saying that they have handed over 30 skeletons to relatives.

In the excavation work in Chalchuapa many skeletal remains of the victims have been found. Photo EDH / Jonatan Funes

Here are some of the terrifying stories of the Chalchuapa victims:

The first eight bodies

There are eight bodies that were initially recovered in building 11 of Callejón Estévez in the city of Chalchuapa. The last four taken were recovered by the criminalist of the Prosecutor’s Office, Israel Ticas, whom the imposed prosecutor, Rodolfo Delgado, was in charge of silencing so that he would not speak to the press.

Most of the women killed in the former policeman’s house were young. The authorities will excavate in another house in the sector. Photo EDH / Archive

The first four bodies were those of Mirna Lima Cruz, 57, Jackeline Cristina and Alexis, both surnamed Palomo Lima (Mirna’s children) and that of the brother of the only one captured as a suspect in those murders, a former agent of the National Civil Police , which was born from the 1992 Peace Accords.

Of others recovered, at the same time, the authorities did not reveal identities. There were four black bags with the remains, which were evacuated to the San Salvador Institute of Legal Medicine for their respective analysis.

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According to prosecutorial and police sources, some investigators linked to the case already knew the suspect when he was an agent of the National Civil Police; He has confessed extrajudicially to them that there are 47 corpses in the building.

Cristina, the heroine who discovered the murderer

Cristina’s action was the one that denounced the former police officer as a multiple murderer. It was the young woman who neighbors heard on the street running desperately screaming and asking for help.

Cristina’s screams caused several neighbors to make calls to the Police alerting her to a case of alleged violence against women, three police officers arrived 70 minutes after 911 received the alerts, according to a police report.

She was Jacquelinne Cristina Palomo Lima, 26, who tried to escape from the house of her murderer, where he killed her. Jacquelinne was responsible for making visible the number of crimes that happened in that house in Chalchuapa. Photo EDH / Courtesy

Neighbors, friends and coworkers of the young woman also agree that it was thanks to the sacrifice that Cristina made that the authorities found the clandestine cemetery in the house of the former police officer.

The day that Cristina was murdered, she had bought injectable vitamins for her grandfather, one of the last gestures of love towards them was to put a metal door in their house and make a kind of handrail for both grandparents to go down the steps safely.

The young woman was good at martial arts, she had learned the trade of cosmetology, although she did not work from that but as a clerk in a convenience store at a gas station in Santa Ana.

A colleague of Cristi remembered her as a cheerful and attentive young woman with clients.

That Saturday, May 8, Cristi had to receive a shift at 6:00 in the morning; He was responsible with his work and that is why it was surprising that he did not show up at the agreed time. It was until about 9:30 that morning that, in an effort to find out if she was okay, they resorted to asking friends and family, who gave them the terrible news: she was one of the victims of the Chalchuapa massacre.

Alexis and the American Dream

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That Friday, May 7, 2021, Alexis left his home because the ex-police officer had told him that that day he would leave for the United States, guided by his brother who was dedicated to taking people illegally to that country.

As the authorities revealed at the beginning of the case, the ex-agent told Mirna that Alexis (his son) had been kidnapped and he knew where they were holding him. However, it was all a lie to lead Mirna and Cristina to the house in Estévez alley where he had already killed Alexis.

Three days earlier, Mirna had given the alleged murderer $ 7,000 as payment for her son Alexis to be taken to the United States with Carlos, the brother of the former policeman, who was also found murdered and was found
in the same grave where Alexis’s body was.

Mirna Cruz Lima mother of Jackeline Cristina and Alexis Palomo Lima, both murdered by the former police officer in Chalchuapa. Photo EDH / AFP

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Three days earlier, Mirna had given the defendant $ 7,000 as payment for her son Alexis to be taken to the United States with Carlos, the former policeman’s brother, who was also found murdered in the same grave where Alexis’s body was.

Dania, victim of a taxi driver

The Linares (three women and two children) were murdered at the end of 2020, their remains are among those buried yesterday. According to what the former police agent, arrested for several of the crimes committed at his home in Chalchuapa, told the authorities at the beginning of the case, these people were killed by him, a taxi driver and a soldier.

The first to be killed, according to initial investigations, was Dania. The ex-police officer told the authorities that the person who killed her was Ernesto Enrique, a man who used to travel as a taxi driver in his old ’88 Honda.

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He also said that one day at the end of 2020, the taxi driver told him that Dania liked what he replied that, if he wanted, he would connect her. And so he did. Then he lent his house to Ernesto to take Dania. Left them
locked alone and he went to buy fried chicken. When she returned, Ernesto had killed her.

The soldier who had his ex-partner and his son killed

According to sources close to the case, Patricia, Helen, José and G. were killed by José Ernesto. According to the account that the same former police officer gave to the authorities hours after being captured, the soldier told him that he wanted to kill the entire family of Dania, with whom he had procreated a child, motivated because he was reported to the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic.

The soldier passed him, with disagreement, a food quota for the child, but the salary was not enough, so he wanted to assassinate her. The ex-agent offered to help the military man. And so he did. On the same day they killed Patricia,
Helen, Josué and G., the son she had with Dania.

The Prosecutor’s Office has given criteria of opportunity (criminal benefits in exchange for collaborating with justice) to the former agent, but the police officers who have been close to the process do not believe that his former colleague is telling the truth about each of these crimes.

Since last May, Chalchuapa has embedded itself in the minds of Salvadorans as the most cruel and bloody place for the acts committed by a former police servant, who along with 11 other people is prosecuted for different crimes in a court in that municipality

The wake of the victim of the Linares family, five in total between women and children, was held in the communal house of the San Luis canton. Photo EDH / Francisco Rubio




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