Four confirmed news of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro


These news of the iPhone 14 are almost 100% confirmed.

There are only a few months left for Apple to unveil the iPhone 14. After the presentation of iOS 16 and with all the rumors that we have heard in recent months, We can already know many of the new features that will arrive in the next generation of iPhone.

There are rumors that we can practically take for granted and we have decided to review them. We have 4 news that will come to the iPhone 14 that you can take them for granted.

The end of the notch in the Pro models

This year Apple will say goodbye to the notch, but only on the iPhone 14 Pro. major design change of recent years will not reach all the iPhone models presented and only the most expensive will incorporate the double hole in screen. All the rumors and the leaked schemes go in the same direction, so it is a rumor more than confirmed.

The iPhone 14 Pro could look this good. Via RENDERS BY SHAILESH

Goodbye iPhone mini and hello iPhone Max

One of the main changes of this generation, which is also a change in the idea of ​​Apple. If for two generations the company has been betting on a mini model with the same specifications, it seems that the market has reacted in another direction, which has led Apple to make decisions.

This year, Apple will not launch an iPhone 14 mini, which will be replaced by an iPhone 14 Max. Apple has accepted that the market demands large screens and wants to offer a 6.7-inch iPhone at a more affordable price than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. It can be, if the price is not excessive, a best seller.

gama iPhone 14

These will be the four iPhone 14 this year

We maintain design (one more year)

It already happened with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 generation, and then with the iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone 11 and it seems that it will happen again. Traditionally Apple changed the design of the iPhone every two years, but now that strategy has been moved to three years.

Therefore, the iPhone 14 will maintain a design practically identical to that of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12. We will have to wait another year, for the theoretical iPhone 15, to see a more drastic change in design.

The great improvements, for the iPhone 14 Pro

Something that also seems confirmed is that this year the great improvements will remain in the iPhone 14 Pro, and we have already talked about some of them. News such as the double hole in the screen, the new 48 megapixel main camera or even the A16 Bionic chip they could be exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro.

Do you want to “have” an iPhone 14 Pro? Download this wallpaper

Unfortunately for those who like surprises, the same thing happens every year. Months before the official presentation, practically 100% of the new iPhone models are already known that Apple is going to launch, at least its design. As much as Apple has tried to fight against leaks, it is practically impossible to stop them.

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