Four children in Karelia become infected with HIV

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07:15, 01 December 2021

photo: © Egor Aleev / TASS

On the occasion of the Day of Fight Against AIDS, epidemiologists of Karelia have announced the statistics of HIV incidence.

World AIDS Day is celebrated annually on December 1. In Karelia, the first case of HIV infection was detected in 1995. For our doctors, this is the point of the report; from that moment, monitoring of the spread of the infection began. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 2,939 cases have been identified in the republic (as of November 1), of which 2,561 are in permanent residents of the region. Today 1946 people continue to live with HIV in Karelia.

When experts talk about morbidity, they mean the number of newly diagnosed cases of HIV infection. An average of 180 to 250 new cases are registered in Karelia annually. For 10 months of 2021, 165 have already been identified. As a result, the incidence rate was 24.1 per 100 thousand of the population. This is more than last year. But in 2020, there were many restrictions associated with the spread of coronavirus infection. People did not often seek medical help, medical examinations and medical examinations were not carried out. And in 10 months of 2020, only 143 HIV-positive were identified. The incidence was 23.3 per 100 thousand population.

“In Karelia, HIV is most often encountered through sexual contact. The path through the consumption of intravenously prohibited substances is gradually moving away. But there remains a third option – the infection of the child from an infected mother. Unfortunately, this year in Karelia four cases of HIV infection have been detected in children: in two adolescents and two children under 6 years of age. Every year we identify pregnant women who did not know about their HIV status. It is good if this happens in the early stages of pregnancy, for example, when registering a woman with a consultation. But there are times when a woman is not seen by a doctor. Then a woman has little chance of having a healthy child, ”said Elena Kovalenko, head of the Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS and Infectious Diseases.

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Why the situation with HIV in Karelia remains tense, read in the article “HIV has ceased to be a disease of young people”.

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