Forza Street Gets Its Latest Big Update And Announces Its Closing In Spring

Forza Street will say goodbye soon, the game that was released on iOS and Android to later arrive on Windows. The game had a good reception in its beginnings, but it seems that little by little it has been deflating and from Microsoft they have chosen to schedule a definitive shutdown of servers for spring.

The good news is that there will be a new update for the game, this will be the last and later there will be no more. The game was launched in 2018 under the name of Miami Street to later be baptized again with the current name of Come on StreetDuring these years it has received numerous updates and the latter will be the end of the game.

Forza Street closes in spring

Below you can read all the changes that the latest game update brings, many of these changes are based on the game’s transaction market as you can read below:

  • In-game microtransactions have been disabled and all purchases made in the last 30 days will be refunded to players.
  • All items that can be purchased with in-game currency are heavily discounted.
  • Energy recharge rates and energy storage have increased significantly.
  • Reduced waiting times for Car Shows.
  • New car added.
  • Starting on January 17, gifts for 12 weeks of many rare and epic cars.

We remind you that you can still download the game and benefit from all the added benefits in recent weeks before its final closure. Once it comes to an end, the same thing will happen as with Gears Pop, we will not be able to access or play the title again free-to-play.


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