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NPCs were integrated in season 6 of Fortnite, offering many possibilities in the game, including the ability to use ingots to buy weapons or services. In season 7, these NPCs are still present, but in different locations and with other functions!

Discover the location of all NPCs in season 7 of Fortnite, as well as their usefulness.

Where are the NPCs in Fortnite season 7?

With the arrival of season 7, the NPC present in Fortnite have been changed, as well as their location. So it can be hard to find them if you don’t know where to look!

To help you, we offer the map below, created by Fortnite.GG, which locates the NPCs present in this new season :

This is what the NPC location map looks like in Season 7. (credits: Fortnite GG)

So 17 NPCs would be present for the moment on Fortnite, each with their specific role! It is possible that some have not yet been discovered and will be added later.

Check out the roles of NPCs below:

  • Yellow icon : Supply package
  • Green icon : Hire the NPC
  • Blue icon : Provoke a duel
  • White icon : To disguise oneself
  • Purple icon : Use a vulnerability

It remains to be seen whether the characters will have a role with the aliens and the fortnite ships. In any case, it is always useful to know their location, since it is sometimes necessary to communicate with them for challenges!



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