Fortnite Season 7: Die Invasion startet!

Today starts the new Fortnite Season 7 with the title “Invasion”. It’s going to be intergalactic and Rick from Rick & Morty is there too.

The Battle Royale Shooter Fortnite has already arrived at version 17.00. There is of course a lot to discover in this new update. On the one hand, the map is being refreshed again, a new battle pass is waiting and there are also a few changes on the competitive level.

The UFOs that can now be found above the map should also be pretty cool. But these are not only intended for aliens, as Epic Games writes on the website. With a targeted shot you can shoot down the UFOs and then steer them yourself.

Fortnite Season 7 relies on customization

In the course of the season, the arsenal is to be continuously expanded with extraterrestrial weapons. Another new feature is a crafting system that is being reintroduced. Various screws and materials can be found on the map that can be used to upgrade weapons. This turns a simple assault rifle into a volley assault rifle, for example.

Not only weapons should be able to be individually adapted, the player character himself also gets a “crafting system”. With the Battlepass you immediately unlock the “Kymera” outfit, for which various items and outfits can be collected during the season. So this skin remains individual throughout the season and changes constantly.

The partnerships for in-game skins are also being expanded. With Invasion, Fortnite players can now find a Rick Sanchez – known from Rick & Morty – and Superman skin in the Battlepass.

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The update 17.00 and with it Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is already on the servers and can be played.

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