Fortnite feat SNK: a collaboration on the way to the battle royale?

Fortnite feat SNK: a collaboration on the way to the battle royale?

Fortnite is known for its unexpected collaborations and the next could simply be SNK.


Fortnite loves crossovers above all, it’s been visible for some time with the multiplication of collaborations. If it started especially with Star Wars, very quickly we had the right to a deluge within the battle royale. From DBZ Passing by John Wick or Pokémon. And according to new information, the next could concern SNK, the cult manga with millions of readers.

What if SNK invited itself into Fortnite?

Would you like a Fortnite x Attack on Titan crossover? In any case, two very serious sources mention his potential approach. One is from the insider HYPEX and the other of China BR. You can find their posts below. We can learn there that the character of Eren Yeager (the protagonist of SNK) would arrive in skin form.


Got a reliable tip from @ShiinaBR that Eren Yeager is the secret skin.

For when ?

It is not yet known how much the crossover will be present in Fortnite and whether fans can expect any other series-based skins or items. We can for example imagine the presence of titans directly on the map, which would be a good opportunity for Epic to bring some freshness to the gameplay. Previous collaborations with Fortnite on the manga/anime side have included Dragon Ball Z, Naruto et My Hero Academia. There would therefore be nothing surprising in imagining SNK landing in turn. The whole thing would be available for season 2/chapter 4 of the multiplayer game. A new season date has yet to be announced by Epic Games. But season 1 should end on March 8.

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