Forspoken: graphic modes and which one is better to choose to have the best experience

Forspoken has been drawing some controversy, but the truth is that one of its positive points is the variety of graphic modes it offers. Thus, you will find up to a total of six graphics modes different. In this post we will explain which are and which one can provide you, according to your priorities and preferences, The best experience.

Additionally, remember that you can find out our opinion about the new Square-Enix title by visiting our Forspoken analysis.

Forspoken graphics modes

As we have mentioned above, The prophesied has up to six different graphics modes. We can choose it at the beginning of the adventure, but we can also change it at any time from the options menu.

That being said, let’s break down each graphical mode of the game, explaining what it offers us:

Forspoken Graphics Modes

  • quality mode: the game will use a dynamic resolution upscaled to 2160p (4k). The target frame rate is 30.
  • Ray tracing mode: Like quality mode, it uses a dynamic resolution upscaled to 2160p (4k). The target frame rate is 30. It also adds ray-tracing. This improves title lighting and shadow behavior.
  • performance mode: Use dynamic resolution upscaled to 1440p (2k). The frame rate goes up to 60.

These are the three main modes. However, the game is compatible with screens that have 120Hz output (the option is in the 2 from image). Therefore, if we activate it, these three modes will behave in the same way. different way.

Forspoken Kinematics

Both quality mode and ray tracing mode will ascend to the 40 frames per second. Performance mode, on the other hand, will have a higher and more stable frame rate.

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It is important to note that it is highly recommended that our display be compatible with VRR in case we activate the 120Hz output. The frame rate is not stable in any of these three modes (at least, at the time of writing these lines), so the VRR it will make the falls not be appreciated and we will have a much better performance smooth and fluid.

After exhaustively testing all the options, our most recommended mode is the one of ray tracing, with the output of 120Hz and the VRR activated. This will provide us with great image quality and an ‘acceptable’ frame rate.

Our most recommended mode is Ray Tracing with 120Hz and VRR.

we do not recommend no way to 30fps, since it is a video game with too fast action. However, to 40 frames per second, it is quite admissible.

If you don’t have a display that supports 120Hz and VRR, then we consider the best alternative to performance mode. We are going to lose a lot of sharpness and we will get an overall image quality notoriously inferior (main reason why we do not recommend it as the main best option). However, despite these deficiencies, we will gain much more fluidity and the gaming experience will be, in general, much more satisfying and enjoyable.



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