As after each Grand Prix, it is time to discover the most striking statistics, the records which have been broken, the remarkable series still in progress or which have come to an end during the last weekend …

The qualifications

Lewis Hamilton has signed “only” 3 poles in the last 16 races.

But this Q3 was the most successful for Lewis Hamilton: apart from Brazil (disqualification), he had never widened such a big gap (455 thousandths) on the second on Saturday.

Hamilton-Verstappen is a usual first row, but it is only the second time after Barcelona that the Mercedes has taken the lead.

Since 2010, the poleman on the new circuits has always won the championship. Series underway after Abu Dhabi?

Pierre Gasly started, after penalties, in the front row: this is the first start in the front row for a French driver since Romain Grosjean, who started 2nd at the Hungaroring in 2012.

At Ferrari, Charles Leclerc was beaten by Carlos Sainz in qualifying three Saturdays in a row.

For the 4th time in five races, the AlphaTauri have both joined Q3. For Ocon, it was the first Q3 since Sochi. And for Sebastian Vettel, the first since Spa, ie 8 Grands Prix.

Two Alfa Romeos eliminated in Q1, this is the 5th time of the year that such a disappointment has occurred for Alfa …

The race

Hamilton 1st and Max Verstappen 2nd, this is already the 19th time this has happened in F1. Michael Schumacher / Rubens Barrichello and Lewis Hamilton / Nico Rosberg are the other two most frequent ‘doubles’ in F1 history, but for one more additional finish.

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This is the 30th different circuit on which Lewis Hamilton wins in F1!

Lewis also led the 175th race of his career.

With 102 wins, Lewis Hamilton has won more races than any nation on the planet except Germany (179) and Great Britain (306).

Verstappen got his 16th podium of 2021 here. He has never finished 3rd this year.

This is his 4th best lap of the year.

This is the first time since Nico Rosberg (2016) that a non-Hamilton driver has entered a race with a chance to win the championship (in Jeddah for Verstappen). Max is the 47th driver in the history of the championship in this situation – no driver since Webber, in the 2010 final in Abu Dhabi, has missed this opportunity in the end.

Fernando Alonso got his first podium for Alpine and his first in F1 since Hungary 2014, there are 105 races – a record interval between two podiums.

Verstappen made his grid debut (Australia 2015) after what was Fernando Alonso’s last podium in F1. Lewis Hamilton only had one league title at the time.

For 35 years, apart from Alonso, only 2 other drivers over 40 have finished on the podium (Michael Schumacher, Europe 2012, and Nigel Mansell, Australia 1994). He is the 27th in his forties to reach the podium and the first since Michael Schumacher (Valencia 2012).

This is the second top 5 of the year for Ocon after of course the victory of the Hungaroring.

Sergio Perez was 4th for Red Bull. He has now finished 1st, 2nd and 4th in his 3 starts in Qatar in F1 and GP2 Asia.

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Lance Stroll achieved his first top 6 of the season, ending a three-run scoring streak.

Carlos Sainz is 13 consecutive races in points, and 27 races completed.

Charles Leclerc finished outside the top 5 for the first time in 5 races.

The Ferrari drivers have finished one behind the other in the last 3 races.

McLaren took his 900th start in the world championship.

Daniel Ricciardo hasn’t scored any points in 3 races, and McLaren only 4 in 3 races.

Sebastian Vettel has finished 10th in the year six times (never a 10th place before signing for Aston Martin F1).

Antonio Giovinazzi now has as many starts – 60 – as Jochen Rindt, the posthumous 1970 champion.

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