Formula 1 now in the live ticker: Pérez leads the field

Formula 1 now in the live ticker: Pérez leads the field

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Von: Antonio Jose Riether


Max Verstappen won the Miami Grand Prix ahead of teammate Sergio Pérez, extending his lead. The live ticker to read.

  • Formula 1: On Sunday evening State of Miami-Grand-Prix on the program.
  • Sergio Perez started from pole position: His Red Bull colleague Max Verstappen started from P9.
  • Nevertheless, he won World Champion the race after catching up: after 21 laps he took the lead.

57/57: That’s it! Verstappen crosses the finish line as the winner, followed by Pérez in second place. Red Bull remains dominant and takes first and second place in the fourth of five races. Strong third is veteran Fernando Alonso. World Champion Verstappen thus wins his third race of the season and also extends his lead in the drivers’ standings. Ferrari disappointed again with fifth and seventh place.

Formula 1: Final score at the Miami Grand Prix

1. Verstappen 2. Pérez 3. Alonso 4. Russell
5. Sainz Jr. 6. Hamilton 7. Leclerc 8. Gasley
9. Ocon 10. Magnussen 11. Tsunoda 12. Stroll
13. Bottas 14. Albon 15. Hulkenberg 16. Zhou
17. Norris 18. deVries 19. Plates 20. Sargeant

Max Verstappen (right) wins the third race of the current Formula 1 season in Miami.

Max Verstappen (right) wins the third race of the current Formula 1 season in Miami. © Chandan Khanna/AFP

54/57: Leclerc fought his way up to sixth place, Sainz dropped to fifth place during the race. Hulkenberg is far from the points, he is 15th with three laps to go.

52/57: Alonso is close to his fourth podium in the fifth race of the season. Meanwhile, Verstappen is 2.5 seconds ahead of Pérez – the victory can no longer be taken away from him.

49/57: That’s it for Pérez, Verstappen is over now!

48/57: Pérez passionately defends his lead here, but the two Red Bull drivers fight with unequal weapons.

47/57: Ten more rounds! Pérez’ lead over Verstappens is melting by the minute. The world champion will soon be within striking distance of his teammate.

46/57: After 46 laps, Verstappen drives out and comes out again with yellow tires. Verstappen comes out just before his opponent Pérez and is now 1.6 seconds behind him. However, with the Dutchman’s new tyres, it should be difficult for Pérez.

Formula 1: Verstappen leads in front of Pérez – but still has to pit

43/57: Verstappen will probably make a stop shortly, he is the only pilot who has not yet stopped.

40/57: George Russell, who has meanwhile overtaken Sainz and is now fourth, is also fighting his way up bit by bit. Verstappen’s gap to Pérez is still just over 17 seconds.

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37/57: Nico Hülkenberg, who had to pit after 34 laps, is currently trying to work his way up from 16th place. Meanwhile, Verstappen keeps Pérez at a distance, currently 15.7 seconds. But he still has to go out, his tires won’t last much longer.

33/57: Hamilton is told to let his teammate Russell, who is one place behind him, through. The record world champion, who still has to pit, lets his compatriot pass. Russell is the new sixth and thanks over the radio.

28/57: After Alonso had to pit, it’s now a direct duel between the two Red Bulls. Verstappen is currently 16 seconds ahead of Pérez. At the same time, Hülkenberg is now being overtaken by the second Mercedes, Russell relegates the German to eighth place.

Formula 1: Verstappen leads in Miami – can Pérez do anything else?

24/57: Pérez is past Ocon and grabs third place again. Meanwhile, Hulkenberg has slipped a bit and is one place behind Hamilton in seventh place. Verstappen meanwhile leads the field with 4.5 seconds, Alonso is still second.

Max Verstappen started catching up in the first laps.  Will he win the Miami Grand Prix?

Max Verstappen started catching up in the first laps. Will he win the Miami Grand Prix? © Wilfredo Lee/dpa

21/57: Verstappen takes the lead for the first time on lap 21 because Sergio Pérez had to pit once. After a strong pit stop, the Mexican is fourth in front of Sainz.

18/57: We have a Red Bull duel for first place. Verstappen is currently 2.7 seconds behind his team-mate, but he was able to make up seven tenths of a second on the last lap. At the same time, Hülkenberg is fighting his way forward, Emmericher is already in sixth place – one place ahead of Hamilton, who is attacking him.

Formula 1 today in the live ticker: Max Verstappen also catches up with Carlos Sainz

15/57: Verstappen attacks the pole positions and easily passes Sainz, the Spaniard does not resist the action of his competitor. Strong performance by the 25-year-old so far.

12/57: Pérez is now driving his fastest lap, but Verstappen follows suit and does the same. But for the duel, the world champion still has to overtake Sainz and Alonso – an extremely difficult task.

10/57: And Gasly is due too! Verstappen is now fourth behind Carlos Sainz Jr.! Russell also makes it strong and passes Gasly, who loses two places in two laps.

9/57: Verstappen has now overtaken Russell and is already fifth. Strong catch-up race by the two-time world champion, who is now fighting a battle with Gasly for fourth place.

Formula 1 live today: Pérez with a strong start – Verstappen makes up three places

7/57: Alonso and Sainz are fighting for second place. However, Pérez is still ahead by 1.7 seconds. At the same time, Verstappen drives his best lap so far – but the Dutchman has to be patient.

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4/57: Sargeant has to pit due to damage to the front wing. At the same time, Magnussen overtook Leclerc in his Ferrari. Verstappen has also made up three places so far and is already in 6th place – made really strong by the world champion.

1/57: The Miami Grand Prix starts! Perez gets off to a good start with the Mexican being chased by Alonso and Sainz. However, Magnussen didn’t get away well from P4 and lost three places. Nico Hulkenberg makes up one place.

Sergio Pérez also wants to win in Miami and bag his third Grand Prix victory of the year.

Sergio Pérez also wants to win in Miami and bag his third Grand Prix victory of the year. © Angela Weiss/AFP

Update, 9:27 p.m.: A few moments until the start…

Update, 9:21 p.m.: After the presentation of the drivers by the musicians LL Cool J and and the US national anthem, which is performed by the Puerto Rican singer Gale, the action can soon start.

Update, 9:10 p.m.: Max Verstappen starts from ninth place today, he “I don’t want to rush it today, but we have good pace and if there is a gap today, let’s see where I am at the end of the race,” says the reigning Formula 1 driver World Champion. Twenty minutes to go.

Update, 9:05 p.m.: “The track is better than expected,” says Sergio Pérez, who starts from pole today, to Sky before the race. The Mexican is aiming for his third Grand Prix victory of the year today. But the competition will probably have something against it.

Update, 8:52 p.m.: A good half hour before the race, the weather is still good in Miami. Without incident on the track, the 20 drivers start the grid.

Formula 1 in the live ticker: will Sergio Pérez get the third Grand Prix this season?

Update, 8:40 p.m.: The tension in Miami is rising, the pit lane opens at 8:40 p.m. The pilots then have ten minutes to position themselves on their take-off sites.

Update from May 7th, 8:30 p.m.: It starts in an hour. Can Sergio Pérez take his chance today in Miami and take first place in the drivers’ standings? And how does his teammate Max Verstappen react to his disappointing ninth place in qualifying? The answer will be available from 9.30 p.m.

Update from May 7, 7:53 p.m.: Just over an hour and a half until the start of the fifth Formula 1 race of the season. Will Sergio Pérez take the lead ahead of Max Verstappen today? The two are currently separated by six points, world champion Verstappen leads the field with 93 points, followed by Pérez with 87. If he wins, he could pass. The race starts at 9:30 p.m. at the Miami International Autodrome in Florida.

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Formula 1 live today: Pérez wins qualifying at the Miami Grand Prix

First report from May 7th:
Miami – The fifth Grand Prix of this Formula 1 season is coming up. In Miami it could to a change of leadership in the drivers’ standings come. Sergio Pérez will start from pole position after his wild qualifying win on Saturday, while the current leader and world champion Max Verstappen will only start the race from ninth place. This gives the Mexican the opportunity to Red-Bull– Pushing colleagues from the top.

Sergio Pérez secured pole for Sunday's race in his Red Bull.

Sergio Pérez secured pole for Sunday’s race in his Red Bull. © Michael Potts/imago

Sergio Pérez secures pole: Now he can get Max Verstappen’s lead

Verstappen and Pérez have each clinched two Grand Prix victories in the first four races of the season, now the race in Miami follows. After a few driving errors in qualifying the Dutchman Verstappen however, put in a lot of effort to become dangerous to the competition. As the 25-year-old told Sky after qualifying, his current situation was “pretty bad” – but it was his mistake that he started from ninth position.

Pérez, on the other hand, who wants to take the next big step after his victory in Baku last weekend, had not expected his first place in qualifying. “Up until qualifying, it was probably my worst weekend this year,” he said. “I didn’t manage to get the maximum out of the car for a long time. If you still get to the top, it tastes even better,” the 33-year-old was quoted as saying. With a victory in Miami he would overtake his colleague Verstappen.

Nico Hulkenberg starts in Miami ahead of Lewis Hamilton: disappointing qualifying for Mercedes

Directly behind Pérez is Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso, who has had three podium finishes this year and has always been in the top four. His compatriot Carlos Sainz from Ferrari drove in third place on Saturday, his teammate Charles Leclerc starts in seventh place. The German Nico Hülkenberg had to fall back a bit after braking, he started the race from 12th place.

Saturday was completely disappointing from Mercedes’ point of view: record world champion Lewis Hamilton only ended up in 13th place, his teammate George Russell was poor in qualifying best sixth. The chances of the racing team on the second podium place are therefore slim. (air)

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