Formula 1 in the ticker: The Silverstone Grand Prix

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driver Team Land
Sebastian Vettel Aston Martin
Max Verstappen Red Bull

With three laps to go, the Briton can catch up with the Monegasque. After a hectic start phase, he can wave to the top of the podium at the end. Behind them, very surprisingly, is Charles Leclerc, ahead of Valtteri Bottas

Raikkonen falls back to the end of the field after a little contact with Perez. Leclerc’s lead melts from lap to lap. The final thriller is therefore incredibly exciting!

The current leader pits and comes back first on the track. His teammate also pits, but there is a delay because a screw cannot be loosened

Hamilton pits because his tires are worn out. He comes back on the track because of the 10-second penalty behind the two Ferraris. As a result, the two Ferrari Leclerc and Sainz lead. An unusual picture that has not been seen for a long time

After half of the completed laps, Leclerc continues to lead ahead of Hamilton. Both were not in the box yet. Leclerc is over two seconds ahead and still has good tires

The McLaren driver pits in third. His stop is slow as the rear right tire is jammed and he loses more than 5 seconds. Bottas goes into the pits immediately afterwards and comes back on the track before Norris

The Leclerc engine has briefly said goodbye and it has lost half a second as a result. Hamilton is now in the DRS window and will soon attempt an attack. According to his engineers, Leclerc’s engine problem has been solved and he can extend his small lead a bit

Charles Leclerc remains at the top and Hamilton does not seem to dare to attempt an attack. Due to the 10-second penalty after the collision with Verstappen, he now has to take the lead so as not to be left behind during the pit stop

Leclerc can defend the lead at the restart. Bottas loses another place and is overtaken by Norris. Vettel falls back to the end of the field after a driving error

Verstappen’s vehicle is still on the track and the race will not continue for about 10 minutes. Verstappen is taken away in an ambulance and looks rather dazed

It’s a duel on equal terms and Hamilton and Verstappen are fighting relentlessly for first place. It comes as it has to and Hamilton unintentionally shoots Verstappen and a curve. The current World Cup leader is already out. Leclerc can benefit from this crash and take the lead. The race is interrupted because the impact from Verstappen was very strong and the barriers have to be rebuilt

The drivers complete their warm-up lap

I warmly welcome you to the Great Britain Grand Prix. Can Max Verstappen extend his World Championship lead and once again put reigning World Champion Lewis Hamilton in his place or can the two Mercedes attack?

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