Formula 1: Ex-world champion was about to return to sensation: “I thought about it”

Formula 1: surprising words from former world champion – return was imminent! “I thought about it”

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January 11, 2022 at 6:29 pm

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He, too, was already at the top of the list formula 1. At the height of his career and at the age of just 31, he surprisingly ended his career.

Ex-world champion Nico Rosberg has now revealed in an interview that he is in the formula 1 almost got behind the wheel again. And that is not the only admission of the former Mercedes driver.

Formula 1: World Champion Nico Rosberg almost returned

From 2010 on, Nico Rosberg drove in Formula 1 for Mercedes. At this point his teammate was still Michael Schumacher.

In 2013 the name changed to Lewis Hamilton. In the following years, both teammates fought a hot duel for the championship. In 2016, the German finally managed the coup and was able to beat the British for the entire season.

But with the title, Rosberg seemed to have reached the end of his goals and retired from F1 at the young age of only 31. A shock for many fans. Since then, he has always ruled out a return to the premier class.


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In an interview with Kathrin Müller-Hohenstein at the Sunday breakfast at Antenne Bayern, he said that he had even thought about a comeback for a short time. In 2020, the already established world champion Lewis Hamilton also caught the corona virus. Rosberg briefly considered jumping for the Briton at the Sachir Grand Prix: “Hamilton had COVID and had to sit out a race. So I said: ‘Hey, how cool if I sat down there again.’ “

Nico Rosberg with an honest confession: “I would have zero chance today”

Ultimately, however, the spectacular comeback did not take place. Instead, George Russel got the chance and took it. For the 2022 season he is a permanent part of the Mercedes team.


Formula 1 | Drivers and teams 2022

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  • Aston Martin: Vettel/Stroll
  • Alpine: Alonso/Ocon
  • Ferrari: Leclerc/Sainz
  • Alpha Tauri: Gasly
  • Alfa Romeo: Bottas/Zhou
  • Haas: Mazepin / Schumacher
  • Williams: Latifi/Albon


And even Rosberg had to quickly realize at the time that it was the best decision to give the young Russel preference. “I would have zero chance today,” he admits. “I wouldn’t have a chance of doing more than three laps at all.”

The 36-year-old feels neither physically nor mentally able to take part in the F1 races. “My arms, my forearms, would close immediately,” he says. “And when I brake my neck would fall between my legs. I can’t hold it up at all. I have zero muscles.”

And further: “If I were to drive in Monaco now, then I would certainly be scared,” said Rosberg. It would have been enough for a Hamilton replacement in Bahrain: “There it was, there was desert, and there is a lot Run-off zone, and I wouldn’t be afraid of that. “

After all, he has not said goodbye entirely to the racetracks of the world. After all, you see Rosberg every now and then as an expert at Sky.

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