Fernando Alonso will not keep very good memories of the Turkish Grand Prix, after seeing his chances of a good result soar from the start following a collision with Pierre Gasly who had sent him to the back of the peloton.

Very virulent on the radio at the time of the incident, which had also seen the Frenchman receiving a 5-second penalty, the Alpine F1 driver was much more measured once the race was over. He doesn’t hold it against Gasly, blaming bad luck more than anything else.

“I think the first corner is always difficult to negotiate in these conditions,” Alonso said. “Everyone gets together at the first corner on a wet track and these things can happen, unfortunately we did this time around when we were in the Top 5.”

Also during the first lap, the Spaniard had shortly after collided with Mick Schumacher’s Haas, causing the latter to spin. Penalized by 5 seconds for this incident, Alonso said he was sorry for his young German rival.

“We touched each other, which is unfortunate. He spun around and I got the penalty, which I accepted. I’m so sorry about this collision. Obviously, this one happened. produced because I was 14th, and I should never have found myself in such a position. “

From then on, there was not much to hope for for the Alpine F1 driver, who did not seem to have a single-seater capable of performing enough to move up the hierarchy.

“It’s frustrating that when we’re not competitive our races are boring. And when we are, the weather is playing tricks on us and crazy things are happening,” continues Alonso who is probably referring here to the Russian Grand Prix.

“It seems that this season we are not performing well with the intermediate tires. And yesterday’s race was entirely disputed with them. So we clearly have to improve with these compounds.”

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