The former Undersecretary of Tourism of the Federal Government, Simon Levy, was caught when he launched threats against a woman adult for the breach of a contract.

The video, which went viral on social networks, shows how the businessman repeatedly knocks on a door and throws threats against a woman Identified as Emma “N”, 65 years old, who, through another recording, requests the intervention of the authorities.

The images show Levy-Dabbah accompanied by a woman, while knocking on the door of a home and hurling insults against the woman found inside.

The victim also released a video in which she details the actions that the subject takes against her.

“Every time I win a lawsuit against him, he gets very aggressive, he goes and yells at me again that I am an old woman, that I am diabetic, that he is going to kill me and all the things that I no longer want to keep repeating that he tells me and he repeats me all the time, please I ask you to help me woman a woman. In social networks he passes as a very nice person, he happens to be a very correct person, he passes as a person who has never done anything, but he just turns around and is an opposite and double-sided person, “he added .

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