After losing against Italy and France in the Nations League, the Belgian goalkeeper complained about the accumulation of matches and charged against UEFA

Former Dutch Real Madrid footballer Rafael Van der Vart accused Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois of “whining” for complaining about the load of matches of international players and invited the Real Madrid goalkeeper to “give back half his salary” if wants more vacations.

“That he returns half his salary and he will be entitled to six months of vacation. He is a footballer, a club pays him a lot to play. Sure, the agendas are full, but we all have them.” public television NOS, in which he is a commentator.

The former Netherlands international added that Courtois’s words “are a whimper, more so from a goalkeeper.”

After losing on Sunday against Italy in the match for the third and fourth place of the Nations League, after having lost in the semifinal against France, the Belgian goalkeeper complained about the accumulation of matches and charged against the UEFA.

“We play because, for UEFA, it’s extra money, it’s a best-selling game on television. Okay, it’s a good game against Italy, but when you hear the players and coaches say they don’t want to play it …”, he said Courtois.

“They are against the Super League, but they do the same. They create a new trophy, add games, it is always like that. They can get angry with those who want to create a Super League, but they do it too,” he added.

The goalkeeper complained that next year a world in November and this year it is played until the end of June.

“We are going to get injured! Nobody cares about the players anymore,” said the goalkeeper, who considered that “three weeks of vacation is not enough for the players to play for 12 months at the highest level.”

“If we never say anything, will it always be the same? We are not robots! More games and less and less rest for us and nobody cares,” he lamented.

The statements of Van der Vart already generated controversy during the past Eurocup, when the ex-footballer harshly criticized the “horrible” football of the Spanish team in the group stage and wished La Roja as a rival of Netherlands.

The Netherlands team, however, fell in the round of 16 against Czech Republic, while Spain lost in the penalty shootout in the semifinal against Italy, eventually champion.

Van der Vaart he joked then saying that he had already warned that “Spain was the best rival for the Netherlands” and closed the controversy.


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