Former President Juan Orlando Hernández has been extradited to the US for a month

Tegucigalpa. Today marks one month since Juan Orlando Hernandez Alvarado was extradited to USA from the Hernán Acosta Mejía air base in the capital of the republic and arrived in New York.

The takeoff of the plane Drug Control Administration (DEA, for its acronym in English) where the former president was going occurred at 2:25 pm -on April 21- and stepped on New York soil at 12:50 am on April 22.

Since then he has been held in two places, the first day in the White Plains Detention Center from DEA and then, to date, in the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) of Brooklyn.

In the MDC he has been changed cells twice and spent more than a fortnight in a restricted module for highly dangerous prisoners, without access to the commissary to buy food or visits.

The former president lost weight this month, more gray hair came out and he looked emaciated when he appeared at his hearing on May 10 before the judge Kevin CastelThe next procedural moment will be September 28.


Hernández was already able to have communication with his wife, in addition to having access to a computer where he checks email and receives visits from his lawyers and other people that he provided in a list.

Raymond Colonmain defense attorney for the former Honduran president (2014-2022), filed the request in recent days and even presented his petition to the judge Kevin Castel at the second hearing on May 10.

It was reported, although details about Juan Orlando Hernández’s new space were not expanded, that he is now allowed to receive economic deposits in his favor since May 12.

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Hernández Alvarado’s next hearing will be on September 28, and the trial will tentatively start on January 17.

More than 50 witnesses are expected to be present throughout the trial. Hernández is accused of crimes related to the drug trafficking and use of weapons.



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