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Former McDonald’s worker is hailed as a hero after revealing his secret

Former McDonald’s worker is hailed as a hero after revealing his secret

Cody Bondarchuk's tweet became famous in hours.

Getty Images / Twitter @codybondarchuk

A former McDonald’s employee posted on social media that It didn't give customers the right amount of McNuggets.

Fortunately, this man was a generous violator of the rules and his clients' lives improved due to his actions.

The users of the social networks accepted very well their revelation and their tweet He got more than 900,000 likes and was retweeted more than 80,000 times.

Later tweeted an update, revealing: "The majority ordered by car, so I can't remember them, but I would like to imagine that they went home, saw the extra nugget and smiled a little."

The New York Post reports that Bondarchuk worked at McDonald’s from 2007 to 2009.

It turns out that Bondarchuk was not the only worker who was generous with chicken fritters, and Another user revealed: “If there wasn't a bad run, everyone would get five in their four pieces, seven and eight in their six pieces. up to 15 in its 10pc and about 25 in its 20pc. I hope it has improved the days of some people that way. ”

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