Former manager of Luis Miguel will sue the singer’s series

Exclusively for ‘Ventaneando’ the lawyer of the exmanager from Luis Miguel, Jose Perez informed that your client will undertake legal actions in order to clear his name, after being shown in the second season of the singer’s bioseries as a offender.

And even the lawyer Carlos Ruiz Venegas stressed that they are going to demand a compensation economical.

“They are issues of copyright, royalties and defamation. If the villain is the one raising the hearing and the full name is to be used, you have the right to claim the income. We are reviewing the list of producers to see who will be included in the lawsuit ”.

In addition to this, he stressed that José was more than a tour manager, since he worked for him for 12 years.

“They put it as a ‘tour manager’, which it never was. In the rooms on the tours, the one next to him was José’s. He took care of everything personal. The series says biography and if it is biographical, you have to tell reality and not fantasies ”.

The legal representative flatly denied that, because of Pérez, Luis Miguel lost his hearing, as the series relates.

“He had no idea about the electronics, the audio, the lights, the sound and anything. He didn’t take care of that. It is absurd that they say that a lesser team negotiated. The hearing problem occurred in Argentina in 2015. Asensi enters, but he was never in charge of a pelagatos ”.

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As soon as the lawyer was asked whether José Pérez signed a confidentiality contract that prevents him from talking about what he lived with Luis Miguel, he answered the following:

“No never. Before starting all this, I reminded him. If anyone knows the artist’s private life, it is him, no one else ”.

Finally, in the event that Luis Miguel wants to negotiate, Venegas stressed that they would have to analyze it, in addition to asking that ‘El Sol’ offer a public apology, something that he sees as impossible.

Luis Miguel's former manager is upset


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