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Carlos do Paulo reacted this Tuesday to the accusations that he had been the one to plan the alleged escape of João Rendeiro, rejecting out of hand the use of the word “flight”, saying that, at the time, the former banker was using a term identity and residence and that, therefore, he could leave the country freely. “Mr. João Rendeiro is an intelligent, sibylline man who manipulates”, highlights the former lawyer of the former BPP leader, adding that he “lies with all his words” and that he is “desperate” and “against everything and everyone”.

In an interview with CNN Portugal, Carlos do Paulo says that he does not only want to restore his “honor and dignity”, but rather the “honor of all Portuguese lawyers”: “He is falsely attacking me”, therefore he is , “attacking all lawyers”. In addition, she discloses that she informed the president of the lawyers and the regional president about the matter and that she is authorized to speak, despite having “red lines”.

For the lawyer, the former banker is “in confrontation with justice”. “From then on it is indefensible”, stresses, adding that he renounced the defense of João Rendeiro, who “exceeded” all limits, “defamed” and “slandered”. “I have an immaculate career”, he emphasizes, explaining that, at the time João Rendeiro went to London — when Carlos do Paulo was still defending him — the former banker was in terms of identity and residence and therefore I was not incurring any wrongdoing.

The lawyer assumes that he informed the former BPP leader about what would happen if he went to another country. “When Mr. Rendeiro asks the lawyer, the lawyer has the right to legally clarify his constituent: how many countries, which ones have extradition and what are the procedural steps” — “I took care of that.”


Now the “Mr Rendeiro is irresponsible” and “he was irresponsible”, now being “in a jurisdiction that no one knows”. “Nobody knows where João Rendeiro is, nor has anyone ever known.” According to Carlos do Paulo, the problems began to emerge from October 1st, when he did not turn himself in to court.

João Rendeiro claims that it was lawyer Carlos do Paulo who presented the escape plan

Despite having been informed by telephone, Carlos do Paulo still reveals that he does not know how, in London, João Rendeiro has moved to where he is at the moment, he doesn’t even know which passport he used, nor if it was a jet or a plane. “I only found out about the nationality because I have this letter written and transmitted by him. That’s the only way I knew I had dual nationality, but I don’t know the country”.

The lawyer reiterates that he never knew the location of João Rendeiro, but who recently spoke with the former banker. “We talked almost every day, but we’ve been talking less.” Asked whether he approached the former BPP leader after the interview, Carlos do Carlos suggests that he has not contacted him yet. “The acts remain with the person who practices them.”

“João Rendeiro was destined for the prison in Carregaira and not a luxury hotel”, he summed up.

João Rendeiro alleges, in an interview to CNN and Tal e Qual, that it was Carlos do Paulo who presented him with the plan to leave the country permanently: “He volunteered to present a solution”. Furthermore, he indicated that it was the same lawyer who convinced him “to change his mind” when he arrived in London in September.

In an interview with TVI on September 29, Carlos do Paulo, in turn, indicated that he did not know, “nor wanted to know” where João Rendeiro was, also assuring that “the lawyer’s role is to clarify the client within the law”. “If I knew, I would be forced to reveal it”, he guarantees, arguing that this could constitute a crime.

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