Former footballer David Beckham invests in classic car

David Beckham has not limited himself to the world of football for a long time. The former British professional and international player has indeed made investments in cannabis, with the company Cellular Goods, which markets in particular cosmetic products based on cannabinoids.

David Beckham is now interested in the world of vintage cars. Through his company DB Ventures, he took 10% of the capital of Lunaz, an English specialist in the restoration of vintage cars, but also in retrofitting, this practice which consists in reviving an old one by giving it an electric motor.

Lunaz mainly focused on the transformation of English cars: Jaguar, Land Rover, Bentley and Rolls-Royce. Recently, Lunaz had added the Range Rover Classic to its catalog with a very fine achievement billed at a high price: nearly € 300,000 for one of the 50 units produced.

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