Former FBI agent charged in Wanda Vázquez case asks for additional time to post $50,000 bail

The former agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBIfor its acronym in English) Mark Rossini accused in the case against former governor Wanda Vazquez requested additional time to post bail set by the court.

In a motion filed today before judge Raul Arias MarxuachRossini’s defense indicated that he was in the process of hiring the lawyer Lydia Lizarribar to be part of their representation at local level.

He said in his motion that “while we work diligently to retain local counsel and post the $50,000 secured bond, Mr. Rossini respectfully requests five additional days to meet the $50,000 cash bond obligation.”

In the same motion, he asked the judge to allow him to send the payment with the attorney, without Rossini having to travel from New York to carry out the process in person at the Federal Court in San Juan.

Likewise, he requested that he be allowed to fill out the necessary documents in the presence of the probation officer in charge of him in New York and by video call with probation staff or the secretary of San Juan to serve as witnesses, so that he need not travel from New York for such purposes.

As the conditions of freedom set by the magistrate Camille Velez Rivé determined that he could only be in New York or Puerto Rico, Rossini also requested an amendment to be in what is known as the “Tri-State Area”, which refers to the districts of New York, and some of New Jersey, to be able to move. and Connecticut.

He argued that “it is customary for defendants on bail in federal courts” from those three states to allow them such freedom “because of the proximity of the districts.”

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When he turned himself in to the authorities, Rossini asked to be allowed to continue living in his residence in Madrid, Spain, but the magistrate refused him.

Vázquez Garced was arrested by FBI agents on August 4. Rossini, a financial adviser and former FBI agent, turned himself in a few days later. The prosecution of the co-accused is still pending. Julio Herrera VelutiniA Venezuelan-Italian banker living in England.

According to a federal grand jury indictment, the three conspired to get Vázquez Garced to receive contributions to his gubernatorial campaign in exchange for the removal of George Joyner of the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions (OCIF) in order to put an end to the audit that detected suspicious transactions in Herrera Velutini’s bank accounts.



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