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Days Gone 2 is one of the most talked about games of the last few weeks, even if it doesn’t exist. The former Bend Studios Jeff Ross, director of the first episode, even went so far as to explain in an interview with the newspaper For The Win how it could have been, which was his vision for the controversial sequel that never was.

According to his words, the focus of the story would have been on the events of Deacon and Sarah, to see in which direction they would develop: “Yes, they are back together, but maybe they are not happy. What can we do? Okay, we got married before the apocalypse, but how do we see the future?“The gameplay would have been improved thanks to the collection of data provided by the players with their games. Of course the bike would have been kept, one of the central elements of the first chapter, but the tone of the game would have been expanded in a more technological direction, thanks to the NERO technology, with the player who would have had more resources to manage. The game world would have been more dynamic, with animals and with more types of enemies and more allies, all with better defined and diversified behaviors. Finally, it would have been possible to swim , one of the most criticized absences in the first chapter.

According to what was stated in the interview, that of Days Gone had to be one trilogy, with the first episode having to serve as a basis for building the other two, a bit like what happened with Batman Arkham and the Uncharted series. Basically, in the sequels all those elements that did not enter the first episode could have been included, cut for reasons of time, as for example happened for Horizon Forbidden West. Unfortunately for Ross, who appears quite dejected by the break with his old development studio and Sony, this will all remain a dream, unless Days Gone 2 is entrusted to some other development studio and he accidentally ends up in it.


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