Formentera, the gossip, the betrayal of the Gf: the love story between Cecilia Rodriguez and Francesco Monte

Formentera, the gossip, the betrayal of the Gf: the love story between Cecilia Rodriguez and Francesco Monte

The love story between Cecilia Rodriguez and Francesco Monte – which lasted four years – was certainly one of the most talked about on the web. Constantly under the eye of the paparazzi and the cameras, the Argentine and the Taranto model experienced an intense public love but ended up with the betrayal of Rodriguez on live TV with Ignazio Moser. Love at first sight in Ibiza It is the summer of 2013. Francesco Monte has recently put an end to his relationship with Teresanna Pugliese, known within the Men and Women program. For the former tronista and model from Taranto it is the first summer as a single. Monte flies to Formentera together with some friends and among these there is also the sister of Stefano De Martino, Adelaide. It is thanks to her that Francesco meets Cecilia Rodriguez, who at that time is in Ibiza for the holidays with her sister Belen. And it is love at first sight in a club, where the first kiss takes place at the end of the evening. The couple spends two weeks between dinners, boat trips and social evenings without ever leaving each other and upon returning to Milan the gossip magazines talk of nothing but the new VIP couple. Gossip and TeresannaSites and weekly gossip magazines dedicate articles and photographic reports to Francesco Monte and Cecilia Rodriguez. The media interest in the new VIP couple is very high and not just because a Rodriguez is involved. In fact, according to rumors, Monte’s latest girlfriend, Teresanna Pugliese, did not take the ex’s new story well and the social posts shared by the former suitor of Men and Women fuel the gossip. “Looking beyond all baseness”, writes Teresanna on Facebook, unleashing the fans. A year together, the escape to the States is 2014. Cecilia Rodriguez and Francesco Monte celebrate the first anniversary in New York. After exchanging love messages on social media, the couple flies to the United States for a short vacation before reaching Cecilia’s parents, in Argentina in Pilar, to reunite with the entire Rodriguez clan. Francesco is already in the family and the harmony between the two characters is strong. The Island of the Famous In January 2015 Cecilia Rodriguez leaves for Honduras. The model is in the cast of the tenth edition of the famous island and she spends two months in extreme conditions, winning the final and finishing third behind Le Donatella (winners). Upon returning to Milan, Cecilia embraces Francesco again in the studio and passion explodes in front of the cameras. In the after party, however, the two argue and the gossip weeklies report the indiscretion fueling rumors of a possible crisis, but during the young Rodriguez hosted by Silvia Toffanin a twist arrives. The wedding proposal “This man told me that he wants to marry me, the morning of departure while I was saying goodbye”. So Cecilia Rodriguez reveals live to Verissimo during the March 2015 interview that she said yes to her “gordo”. The couple plans a future together with orange blossom and children (“But now it’s premature”) and in the summer, when they spend their holidays in Puglia, Francesco announces on Instagram that he has chosen the wedding location, Claire’s oasis in Cerignola. The couple is close and in Formentera, a few weeks later, they show themselves passionate between kisses and cuddles. Love seems to be very strong. Career While Cecilia Rodriguez is increasingly in demand as a model and supports her sister Belen in some fashion projects, Francesco Monte dreams of America. The former tronista and model is ready to leave for the States to study acting at the Acror Studio and break into the world of cinema, but in the meantime he is chosen for a part in “Furore 2”. In August 2016, the couple fly to California to make contact as well as enjoy a long vacation. According to someone Cecilia and Francesco could get married in secret in Las Vegas, but the “yes” is not there. Upon returning to Italy, the beautiful Argentine and her boyfriend collaborate together on a musical project, becoming the protagonists of the video for the song by Valerio Scanu, “Finally it rains”. Big brother VipIt is 2017. Cecilia Rodriguez is one of the competitors of the new Big Brother Vip. Cecilia doesn’t know it, but her participation in her reality show will change her life permanently. The experience with Argentina’s Gf is strong. After a month of isolation, the young Rodriguez begins to doubt the feelings of her partner. Francesco did not make himself seen or heard unlike other boyfriends and girlfriends, who surprised their companions in the house and sent planes. So he blurts out to the other adventure companions: “What does it take to make a plane to say I’m there too? All the boyfriends are there, except mine”. Meanwhile, however, he becomes familiar with another gieffino. The attraction with Ignazio Moser Ignazio Moser, son of the cyclist Francesco Moser, is also in the house of the VIP Big Brother. Between the sportsman and Argentina, the feeling is immediately strong, but only after the first few weeks of reality shows do the two get dangerously close. Between jokes, massages and intimate gestures, Cecilia and Ignazio get so close as to unleash the wrath of Jeremias, Rodriguez’s brother, also a competitor in the reality show, who warns Cecilia: “Knowing Francesco, certain things could annoy him, he could get nervous “. Meanwhile Monte tries to make himself heard: he sends a plane with a message of love for Cecilia and shouts “I love you” outside the Cinecittà house. Cecilia’s crisisThe feeling and attraction between Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser in the House is increasingly evident. The two kiss in front of the cameras and Argentina enters a crisis, especially when Moser – who is single – tells her he’s interested. “I really have to understand what I want. I can’t forget that there are cameras here, I can’t. I can’t be disrespectful to them”, he says in the confessional, but the words spoken confidentially to the authors become the subject of discussion in the House and Cecilia understands of having to face Francesco not outside but directly on TV. The confrontation between Francesco and CeciliaWhile in the Casa Cecilia and Ignazio are now inseparable and at night they sleep together between cuddles and kisses, the Big Brother organizes the clarifying confrontation between the Argentine and her boyfriend, who is increasingly convinced that Ignazio only wants to steal from him girlfriend. It is October 30, 2017. Francesco Monte enters the house of the Gf to clarify with Cecilia, but the outcome is the worst and she leaves it on live TV. “I need to clarify in my head. I have to act selfish and think about me. Listening to me, I understood that there are things that I will never be able to resolve with you. You know it and I know what I’m talking about”, Cecilia tells him , practically saying goodbye to him: “We lived together for 4 years. You have changed and so have I. But there are many things that I know will not go well in the future. That’s why I tell you to follow your dreams. Go, think for yourself. I need this right now. I found things in him that I like. I apologize for the lack of respect”. At the end of the evening, Cecilia kisses Ignazio for the first time while Monte vents all his anger on social media. Cecilia overwhelmed by criticism While Monte still believes in a possible flashback and on Sunday Five she tells her that she wants to talk to her outside the House, Cecilia is overwhelmed by the controversy. Her behavior with Monte and Moser did not please the public and on the web and outside Cinecittà, Argentina is the target of insults and criticisms and Belen defends her publicly. Outside the house, however, time has proved Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser right who, after seven years, are still a united couple, planning the wedding. Francesco Monte, on the other hand, after a long period as a single (and some flirting is also said with Antonella Fiordelisi), has found love again alongside the model Isabella De Candia.

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