Forgotten or Ignored: The Royal Family Didn’t Wish Prince Harry a Happy Birthday

Forgotten or Ignored: The Royal Family Didn’t Wish Prince Harry a Happy Birthday

The depth of the rift between Prince Harry and the rest of the British royal family was exposed in all its glory on September 15, when Buckingham Palace ignored the birthday of the youngest son Charles III. The Duke of Sussex did not receive any official congratulations on his 39th birthday from London. Instead, the official accounts of the palace in social networks all day wrote about King Charles, Prince William and Kate Middleton, Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh. Harry was not even mentioned in passing.

Buckingham Palace said that the royal family currently only publicly wishes happy birthday to those who actively continue to fulfill the duties of its senior members.

It also became obvious that the meeting of the duke with his close relatives should not be expected either. Such rumors circulated throughout August. It has been reported that Charles will want to take advantage of Harry’s trip to Europe in September to try and repair his relationship with his son.

Currently, the plans of all the main participants in the family conflict until the end of September have been determined. Charles will be in Scotland, Prince William will fly to New York to participate in the work of the UN General Assembly, Harry and Meghan Markle will return to Montecito after the “Invincible Games”.

Harry celebrated his 39th birthday in Dusseldorf. It looks like the duchess has decided to let her husband cut her some slack. It’s well known that Charles and Diana’s youngest son became a non-drinker and gave up caffeine when Meghan was pregnant with Archie. He stopped drinking even beer and switched to tea and green juices. In 2018, he raised a glass of water as a sign of solidarity with his wife when the rest drank champagne. He also quit smoking.

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And so on September 15 in Dusseldorf, Prince Harry ate sausages, pork knuckle and Wiener schnitzel with appetite, washing down these traditional dishes with beer at the Im Goldenen Kessel restaurant. The Duke is reported to have drunk six pints. Megan kept her husband company, but limited herself to one small lager.

Then the Sussexes went to a volleyball match. Despite the late evening, the birthday boy looked refreshed when he arrived at the “Merkur Spiel-Arena”.

After Harry and Meghan took their seats in the stands, the announcer asked the crowd: “Is there anyone here celebrating their special occasion today? Is it someone’s birthday? Oh, I think it’s someone’s birthday. A certain Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, turns 39 today. Happy birthday! Let’s sing along!”

The crowd joyfully supported the call. Harry blushed a little and started clapping and saying “thank you” a few times.

Later, the mayor of Dusseldorf, Dr. Stephen Keller, presented the duke with a celebration cake, which was decorated in the colors of the “Invincible Games”, with the inscription: “Happy Birthday Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex”.

We will remind, at the “Invincible Games”, Nigerian athletes gave Meghan Markle a new nickname.


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