Forgotten Maps, the free app to explore the Forgotten Realms

Have asetting with over 50 years of history behind it can be an undoubted advantage: much of the work needed to bring the world to life has already been done by someone else.
Born from the fervent imagination of Ed Greenwood, the setting treated here was introduced to the masses thanks to some articles written starting from 1979 for Dragon, then brand-magazine of D&D, while the first official product dates back to 1987. However, the author himself does not hide that its origins are to be sought well before, in 1967, when what is now the official setting of the most famous rpg in the world (at this amazon link you can find the manuals) it was more simply the place where his childish fantasies came to life.

I Forgotten Realms, this is the name in Italian, have managed to cross all editions of Dungeons & Dragons, undergoing during the trip huge changes e insights of the most varied types.
In the past four decades, enthusiasts have witnessed cataclysms of global (or even wider) scope as well as adventures of city magnitude.
And in an equally varied way it was possible to find information ranging from the history of great heroes or nations to the typical dessert of some remote village.
Between manuals and dedicated books there would be ideas for dozens of lives (at this link driveThruRPG you will find practically any official manual).

forgotten maps

However, it cannot be denied that such a quantity of material could not only intimidate those approaching the setting for the first time but could make it difficult even for the most experienced to go and find specific information.
Now thanks to Forgotten Maps, everything will be much simpler.
Unfortunately we do not know who is behind this site, we only know that he / she defines himself “computer engineer with a strong passion for D&D, a passion that can be improved thanks to the use of dedicated apps and software “.
And this passion led to the creation of the aforementioned web application which, literally, puts an entire continent of the setting, Toril, just a click away.
By the author’s own admission the app is still under development and there is still a lot of material to add, but the features currently present already make it a top-level tool.
In fact, it is currently possible to search for points of interest, measure the distances (with travel times attached) between different places or a less linear route and add custom notes and places.

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forgotten maps

But the real gem is given byhuge amount of information already introduced within the app which we can access by clicking on what we want to investigate: literally hundreds of points of interest to explore
Of course, it won’t revolutionize the way we play, but it will make it extremely easier to get to know and recreate the game world.
In this regard: although the map of the continent is that of the last edition of D&D, the info goes much further back in time; it will thus be possible to find previously canonical elements and see their changes.
And all in manner completely free: just go to the site and register. If you want, you can always decide to support the job by subscribing to the dedicated patreon channel.

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