forget it, buy Pixel 6a

The mid-range has two new protagonists: Google Pixel 6a e Nothing Phone (1). Although they are not top of the range, these two smartphones are channeling the attention of the media and users, but for what reason?

Simple: one is a super interesting flagship that is offered at the price of a midrange, the other is the first device of the newborn startup of Carl Pei, former co-founder of OnePlus. They cost, respectively, € 558.00 and € 499.00; which one should you buy? Let’s find out together.

Google Pixel 6a vs Nothing Phone (1): la mia esperienza

I’ll start from the beginning and I’ll try to be quick: I approached Nothing Phone (1) with the enthusiasm of a child. Finally something new on the tech front; in fact, the back cover with the glyph interface rich in LEDs is really an interesting novelty, but is it enough to win the heart? Let me explain: the impression I had is that, after the first 2 days of enthusiasm in which we tend to play with LEDs as if we were in front of the Nokia 3310 ringtones composer, we find ourselves in front of the usual, old, Android phone with a minimal (too much), essential and clean skin. Everything is nice, but the wow effect soon disappears, trust me.

Then I don’t want to talk about the software, which in my opinion is too immature and full of bugs. The photographic sector then made me crazy: I made videos in which the exhibition was more dancer than Roberto Bolle. Then, at a later time, the clips produced turned out great. So, random, for no reason. The audio produced by the microphones from time to time saturated: with a simple vlog-style recovery I found myself simply unusable material. Defects of youth, of course, but we must report them.

Google Pixel 6a

Pixel 6a is also not exempt from this problem. Sometimes we find ourselves in front of the “bug festival” with uncertainties, slowdowns, various blocks and possible anomalous overheating (ditto for Nothing which becomes “too much hot”). The photos of the newsylistphonino are spatial: the chromatic range and the paste of the image is on another level. With a photographer’s eye I assure you that the shots of this phone have a quality that is very reminiscent of that of the iPhone. The aesthetics then are sparkling and with the offer of Amazon you take it home to 459,00€ with free Pixel Buds A Bluetooth headphones. Nothing Phone (1) costs 499,00€ without freebies. My advice is: buy the Pixel, you will not regret it: net of everything it is a concrete device that conquers over time.

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