Forest fire near Steinheid: “Now it has caught us after all” – Thuringia

Hammers was otherwise in no rush to confirm that the fire had spread from the burning cable crane technology to trees and bushes. “My impression upon my arrival was that the vehicles were not yet completely engulfed. A little below, but it burned all the more in the terrain.”

In addition, according to Hamers, the machines at the Swiss company – which has been cutting down beetles in Göritzgrund for several weeks – have been silent since 10:00 on Wednesday. A worker complained of nausea, which his colleagues took care of, he was told. So machines that have overheated or are defective aren’t really a more immediate trigger. Although more details remain to be seen, the Neuhausen forest official told Freies Wort at 7 p.m.

The next assignment at Lichte

At this time, around 130 firefighters led by the head of operations Holger Jacob had the forest fire under control. As District Fire Inspector Mathias Nüchterlein described in the early evening, it was possible to establish a second water supply during the late afternoon operation. A water extraction point was set up in Steinheid and hoses were connected over half a kilometer.

The affected area of ​​about two and a half hectares can be “served” from the Göritzgrund up and down from Steinheid. “At the moment, the post-extinguishing work is still ongoing,” says Nüchterlein. Which makes this still quite complex and exhausting in the rough terrain. After all, the firefighting helicopter was then able to support the troops on the ground again.

Sober min also did not want to give an assessment of the cause. Whether the slope may have already burned and the vehicles were affected, it is just as possible as the reverse scenario. To investigate more precisely is left to the specialists of the police. The material damage caused is likely to be high.

As if the day had not already brought enough difficult situations, in the evening another assignment had to be driven in the Neuhausen city area. Thus the comrades were informed about a fire in the forest between Lichte and Piesau. It was up to the local emergency services to fight the fire in an area of ​​approximately 100 square meters.

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The fire in another timber harvester near Meschenbach ended relatively unscathed. The vehicle was just in time to get out of the woods.



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