Ford's patent: the car forecloses on itself and leaves the owner

Ford's patent: the car forecloses on itself and leaves the owner

Citizens March 3 2023 – 08:34 The “Systems and Methods to Repossess a Vehicle”, a new Ford patent, has been filed with the United States Patent Office Image from Wikipedia Technology and progress never cease to reserve surprises, even in the market of cars. It seems impossible even to imagine, yet Ford, a well-known US car manufacturer, has recently filed a patent, called Systems and Methods to Repossess a Vehicle (Systems and methods to repossess a vehicle), which would allow, if installed on the system of vehicle, to seize the same, without the owner being able to do anything to prevent it. The car engine, in essence, would be blocked remotely. And it doesn’t end there. The patent In the digitized world in which we find ourselves now (and in the even more technologically advanced world to come) few things are now impossible. And here comes the Ford patent, the Systems and Methods to Repossess a Vehicle, which would allow car sellers and banks to regain possession of the car in the event of non-payment of the installments. In practice, the program, let’s call it “foreclosure 2.0”, is installed on the car. The owner ends up in the crosshairs of the bank, or of the car seller, and suddenly, out of the blue, the car stops, because a blocking signal arrives remotely and stops the engine. And that’s not all. In the case of cars equipped with intelligent autonomous driving systems, the input to move to a recovery point could even arrive, where perhaps a tow truck is waiting for them. The car basically forecloses itself. Of course, for this to happen, an internet connection is required. An unprecedented novelty, which some consider disturbing, and which others consider instead a new step forward from the point of view of security. The potential is many, car theft could even be countered. In any case, future owners are warned. Here’s what technology can lead to At the moment it’s just a curiosity. The patent, mind you, exists and has been filed with the United States Patent Office, and this means that car manufacturers, with the technology available, are perfectly capable of creating similar systems. However, this does not mean that “foreclosure 2.0” will be used in the future. Currently there is not even a law that can regulate such a procedure.

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