Ford prepares to introduce the new generation of Ranger, although until now we have seen it in tests in different versions. Even so, for the moment she was always seen in extensive camouflages, beyond the recreations that we saw during the last few months.

In the Argentine plant of General Pacheco, the works have already begun and there are rumors that Ranger it would not be the only model to be produced there. It is likely also Everest, his SUV brother, joins.

While we wait not only for the debut of the new generation of the pick-up, but also for the first official images without any cover to appreciate its design, it is likely to have a style similar to the F-150 and Maverick (will arrive in Argentina).

In line with first appearances of the Raptor variant, Wildtrack, hybrid, among others, added to the engines what will you have, Ford released the first official video of the new Ranger on different types of terrain such as mud, snow, gravel, sand, among some other off-road surfaces. Next, look at the post.

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