Ford Mustang 2024 vs Chevrolet Camaro: the great duel of new American muscle cars

Ford Mustang 2024 vs Chevrolet Camaro: the great duel of new American muscle cars


Sport The new generation of the Ford Mustang will begin production next summer, an emblematic model among sports muscle cars that will face one of its direct rivals, the Chevrolet Camaro.

sport Photo Jorge Serrano

sport Ford Mustang 2024 frente a Chevrolet Camaro
Ford Mustang 2024 frente a Chevrolet Camaro

What future awaits the muscle car sports? In Europe and if they do not resort to some kind of electrification systemeverything indicates that they will have little prominence and, there are even certain possibilities that they may cease their commercialization in the 2030 horizon, except, of course, that they electrify partially or completely.

In past information published in, we already anticipated the main lines of the next generation of one of the myths in this very particular category of vehicles: the Ford Mustang. The new generation of this “wild horse” will begin production during the next summer and its marketing will start weeks later, although price and range data for this market have already been released in the United States.

In front of him, one of his direct adversaries will be waiting for him, the Chevrolet Camarowhose current range that is being sold in the United States dates from 2019.


sport Ford Mustang 2024 4
Ford Mustang 2024 4

In the mechanical range of the sports car from the oval firm Initially, two gasoline engines have been announced: a cFour-cylinder 2.3 turbo with 315 CV EcoBoost technology (US version) and a 5.0 V8 engine with various internal improvements (up to 480 CV or around 500 CV in its special Dark Horse version). At the disposal of customers, a six-speed manual gearbox or an improved ten-speed automatic transmission will be available, and in both cases all the power is transferred to the rear wheels.

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For the most enthusiastic and “geeks” of sports, the American firm announces a new technology that receives the name of remote engine throttle, which allows customers to start their car and rev the engine via a key fob. On the other hand, it is necessary to mention the new electronic drift brake co-developed with drifting and skidding specialist Vaughn Gittin, Jr., a system Ford saysit has the appearance of a traditional mechanical parking brake, but according to the signature of the oval it can make the “newbie skidders” look like professionals.

sport Ford Mustang 2024 7
Ford Mustang 2024

As is usual in the operation of this type of vehicle, the driver can vary the personality of his car by selecting one of the different driving modes available: Normal, Sport, Slider, Drag, Track2 and a customizable fit with multiple profiles available, tailored to individual driver preferences.

On the other hand, another technology that attracts attention in this seventh installment of the American myth is the Rev-matching system (heel toe)which maintains engine revs when the clutch is engaged to retain maximum torque between manual gear changes (standard on GT).


sport Chevrolet Camaro 6
Chevrolet Camaro

In the US range of Chevrolet Camaro (remember that this model was available in Europe in previous versions) Available engines are as follows: a 275 PS 2.0 turbo inline four-cylinder, a 335 PS 3.6 V6 and a 455 PS 6.2 V8.

The novelty in the current Camaro range corresponds precisely to the four-cylinder turbo engine, plus new styling additions and new technologies available.

sport Chevrolet Camaro 5
Chevrolet Camaro

In the case of the SS version now offered with 10L80 10-speed automatic transmission and paddle shifters on the steering wheel. Other interesting details are the new multimedia system with navigation included, as well as another series of innovations such as the new available rear camera mirror and the new forward collision warning system, among others.

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At the design level, the main changes were released in the details on the front grille and on the hood vents with clear differences between the LS/LT, RS, SS and ZL1 trims. On board, digital technology takes center stage with new screens (7-inch or 8-inch) and multimedia systems that support new features, including an improved voice command system.



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