Ford is launching a gasoline scent!

This is not April 1 or information from Gorafi: Ford has imagined a perfume for electric car drivers who would regret the good old days when their vehicles smelled of gasoline!

Ford is well aware that many motorists appreciate the smell of burnt gum and gasoline. In a survey carried out on behalf of the American manufacturer, one in five drivers say that the absence of the smell of fuel is the thing they miss the most when they drive an electric vehicle. 70% of them indicate that they miss this smell, albeit to a lesser degree, but that they still miss it.

A smell to seduce drivers nostalgic for gasoline

Ford believes that this lack of gasoline scent in electric cars is a brake on their adoption. This is why the company imagined the Mach-Eau perfume, a fragrance developed by Olfiction. It was designed to evoke the smell of gasoline, although the scent does not necessarily smell of petroleum.

This new scent was developed to help drivers ” enter the future of the automobile thanks to their sense of smell Ford explains. ” Rather than just smelling the essence, Mach-Eau is designed to please the nose of the wearer, a premium scent that fuses smoky accords, rubber aspects and even an “animal” element. », Adds the manufacturer.

It is also for Ford to make a nod to the heritage of the Mustang brand, of which the all-electric Mach-E is the worthy heir. The American group has also recently launched into the pick-up market with the impressive F-150 Lightning which will compete with Tesla’s Cybertruck.

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