The king of “midsize” pickups is about to get a makeover. Ford is completing the development of an all-new generation of the Ranger. The brand has announced that it will be unveiled before the end of this year and will join dealerships in 2022.

The announcement is accompanied by images of a prototype still well camouflaged. We just see the light signature on the front. The new Ranger should adopt a more angular style, inspired by that of its big brother F-150, the stainless steel sales champion for more than 40 years.

Ford doesn’t give out a lot of information, other than the usual promises to always do more. This new generation will thus be more connected and will further improve its off-piste capabilities. The firm has not yet confirmed the arrival of a hybrid engine.

This new generation will serve as the basis for the future Volkswagen Amarok. This will be the first fruit of the new collaboration between Ford and VW, which will pool their utility vehicles. The German version, which will be assembled by Ford, has just been surprised during a test session.

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