For those who forget their passwords, a new service from “Android”

The technical website (9to5Google) reported that the Android operating system allowed its users who own smartphones and tablets to access their passwords in an easy way and in one place, and bypassing the problem of forgetting.

And Android users will be able to add a shortcut to Google’s password manager on their device screen, and the job of this “manager” is to keep track of all the information about signing up for different accounts, including passwords.

This service collects all information in a “secure” place, and can be accessed quickly and easily.

Google launched its “Password Manager” service years ago for Android users and the Google Chrome browser.

But the new service is distinguished by allowing users to access saved data, using authentication tools such as biometrics that use fingerprints, face scanning or screen lock, instead of entering the password as is the case in the browser version.

The password manager is able to save and store all the details that matter to you, including username and passwords, allowing you to keep track of any issues or security risks, as well as allowing any details to be modified when needed.

The new shortcut is available via the new update in Android (version 22.18) or later.

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