For the first time, Yuya lets his son Mar see in photos

In addition, the influencer showed how she celebrated her little son’s first month

By: Emilia Zuniga

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With a tender celebration, very in his style

, Yuya showed how he celebrated the first month of his son Mar, who was born on September 29.

It was through his Instagram account, that

influence her

He showed a series of images of the intimate celebration that he organized in his house and where he even cooked.

Also, in these postcards you can see how much the little one has grown, who is the result of his relationship with the musician Siddhartha, with whom he has been in a relationship for several years.

“Make a wish…”, was the message with which Yuya shared the images, on the morning of this Sunday, October 31, and which have generated more than 548 thousand ‘likes’.

Yuya publishes the first video of his son and unleashes tenderness: “whose foot is so small?”

This publication marks the first time that

the businesswoman too

he shares the little boy’s face, whose face can be seen while leaning against his chest.

However, until now it has not been possible to appreciate in detail who his first-born son looks like.


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