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Video with the song Baby Shark broke the record for the number of views on YouTube – more than 10 billion

The record-breaking video – the children’s song Baby Shark Dance – was posted on YouTube five years ago and became the most viewed video, pushing Despacito aside.

Фото: Pinkfong Baby Shark / Youtube

The children’s song “Baby Shark Dance” became the first video clip in the history of YouTube, which collected more than 10 billion views. The video passed the round mark on January 13.

The total population of the Earth currently does not exceed 8 billion people. Thus, we can assume that the average person watched Baby Shark Dance at least once.

The record-breaking clip was posted on YouTube five years ago and has garnered 32 million “likes” over that time, comments under the clip are currently disabled.

The leader in the number of views on YouTube Baby Shark Dance became in November 2020, displacing Luis Fonsi’s hit Despacito from number one. In February 2021, the song became the first video in YouTube history to reach over 8 billion views. In July of the same year, the number of views exceeded 9 billion.



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