For the first time in Moscow issued a “non-citizen passport”

The first stateless person received a temporary identity card in Moscow, the so-called non-citizen passport. This was reported to RIA Novosti by a member of the Moscow Public Monitoring Commission (POC) Eva Merkacheva.

The holder of the document was 53-year-old Yakubjan Khakimdzhanov, who had to spend two years in the migration center in Sakharovo, as he could not be deported anywhere due to his lack of citizenship.

According to Khakimjanov, he was born in Dushanbe, and when he was five years old, his family moved to Astrakhan. According to Merkacheva, he “went to prison as a young man, and then it went on.” When he was detained for the last time, the police could not establish his identity – then it turned out that he did not have citizenship of any country.

The law on “non-citizen passports” came into force in August 2021. The document can be obtained by people who have had their Russian citizenship taken away by a court decision, and those who have not changed their USSR passport and have not acquired Russian citizenship. Also, the document will be issued to people who cannot be expelled from the country by a court decision, since no other country accepts them.

The “Non-Citizen Passport” is valid for ten years, but it must be renewed every year.



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