For the next fifteen years, Intel stock has remained stable, with the inevitable fluctuations following the pace of new releases, new announcements. On the other hand, for AMD it was rather the soup to the grimace: two years after the arrival of its new president, Lisa Su, AMD even touched the bottom with a share at less than 2 dollars.

The work done by the one who had previously worked for Texas Instruments and IBM is paying off, although it took time for investors to perceive it. The release of the Vega chips and, more importantly, the Ryzen, allowed AMD to return to center stage and its action to soar.

Since the end of last week, the trajectories have been opposite. When Intel’s share lost 16% between Thursday July 23 and Friday July 24, AMD’s share gained the same 16%… and passed its competitor: it is currently worth $ 69 when Intel’s is only valued at $ 50 . What do the next few days have in store for us?