For Schranz, Djokovic himself is to blame

Almost 50 years ago, Karl Schranz was banned from the 1972 Olympic Games in Sapporo. A strict interpretation of the amateur status was fatal for the ÖSV ski star, but his situation at the time was compared with Novak Djokovic’s current situation. In contrast to him, “Djokovic is to blame for his unfortunate situation and the turbulence in Australia,” Schranz told the newspaper “Der Standard” (Wednesday edition). Djokovic “provoked and aimed at it,” said Schranz, and is therefore not a good role model. “Nobody asked us when we were vaccinated against smallpox or polio,” said the man from Arlberg, who was vaccinated three times himself.

The Djokovic case has been causing a stir far beyond the tennis scene for days. Last week, the 20-time major winner was refused entry to Australia, where he wants to take part in the Australian Open in Melbourne, because he has not been vaccinated against the coronavirus and the documentation of his medical exemption was insufficient for the authorities. That is why he was staying in a deportation hotel in Melbourne at the weekend. Because the border officials had not given him the agreed time to clarify, the decision was overturned during a court hearing on Monday. A positive corona test from December 2021 should help him participate in the Australian Open.


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